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Monday, September 19, 2016

So much has changed since we last talked (or read) guess I can use this opportunity to let you guys know (officially) that I have moved to Lincoln Nebraska. If you have been following for a while, yes, I once lived in Houston Texas then I later spent a year or so back in my hometown in Oxford Mississippi and now I am located in Nebraska. My first week here was kind of hectic getting settled in. Now we are at my 24th birthday weekend! Yay me! 

So, of course as soon as I arrived here I made mental notes of every graffiti wall I passed (keep an eye open for future posts with the amazing walls I've found). I am stoked to be back just in time for pre-fall and fall fashion. Now that I live in the mid west area I am going to experience a cold I've never known in Mississippi or Texas. Wish me luck. Needless to say my outfits this season will be much different from any past outfits over this season.  I've been working pretty hard to come up with super cozy but stylish ideas and I am ready for it! 


While it is still pretty warm here I want to squeeze in every short suit, romper and pair of shorts possible. This particular romper is from Charlotte Russe. It has become my go to for nights out! Very flattering for the curvy gals! 

The boots are from BooHoo! 

Anyway, I hope all is wonderfully well with you guys reading! 

I'm back!





Main Stream

My infatuation with this jacket year after year never fades. Every fall I'll pull it out of my closet and pair it with probably the most random of pieces. These boots will also be a continued staple in my closet. So excited to run the streets of Nebraska in these babies. 

I have also come to realize I own 6372 tops/dresses with black and white stripes. It's become a problem. These two items pair so well together in my opinion. 

Dress: Ross

Boots: BooHoo

Camo jacket: trifted 


Saturday, August 13, 2016

                     H E A V Y 

Bottled up and frustrated. I have been full of emotion lately and this is my hideaway, so here is where I'll spill it all: 

This year has been absolutely life changing in its beauty and in its downfalls. From the worldly tragedies we've faced to my own personal battles. It has been difficult to do anything but spend my spare time focusing on loved ones and allowing those relationships to flourish. With a few set backs and high emotions I can easily defend my absence from the blog. Not an excuse, of course. 

When I don't blog I feel held back, I feel small. When my work load here is steady I feel inferior, powerful, and strong. Lately I haven't been able to successfully form words for the feelings I've experienced. In my head it makes sense, but as I form the sentences it isn't matching up. (Here goes the vent) It humbles me and reminds me of how much love and help we all must need. If I can feel theses heavy tiresome voids I know that others out there are also as unhappy. 

I could blame my past or blame my mistakes. I could even blame the lack of opportunity surrounding me. But am I able to say those things STILL hold me back? Absolutely not. Is there an excuse? Not at all. I have so many dreams and so many aspirations all of which also don't make sense outside my own thought process. I feel so misunderstood. So bottled up. If you're listening now, but never imagined I was this relatable, well now you're in my head.
Welcome in.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Feels like I haven't taken photos in forever nor have I written for the blog. I've felt a bit off track/balance. If you keep up with my blog you know that I am constantly searching for the balance. Feels as if I've been stuck in a whirl wind lately. Full of emotion. "I'm back and I'm better" would be the hopeful come back, but if I'm honest I'm still building, and still climbing. Guess that means I am human. I have a few projects up my sleeve and am very excited to present my new website to you guys. If it all plays out well hopefully I can have it all finalized and ready to publish by the end of June. 

Keep pushing forward ladies and gents, better is ahead. I have to remind myself constantly that I have not seen my best days yet. I am on the Lords time, not my own. Keeping my faith strong as ever. Hope I can continue to inspire! Hope your week is as beautiful as you are.


Kiss The Sky

"We have time, there's no big rush."

"I used to live in a room full of mirrors; all I could see was me. I take my spirit and I crash my mirrors, now the whole world is here for me to see."
- Jimi Hendrix πŸ’•

You've seen these jeans of mine millions of times, so I guess that makes them my favorite? I recently cut the bottoms off of them and like them a little bit more. The knees on these bad boys have ripped so far that my thighs are out and I love it. I knew with time they'd fall apart and I'm excited to see how far it gets before I can't wear them anymore. 

People don't know, but I was a Jimi Hendrix obsessed teenager and collected tons of his t-shirts. Somehow after high school I lost touch. When I ran across this in my drawer I ran for my scissors and cut just about an inch off the bottom.  Gives the perfect amount of tummy for any pair of jeans, but showing more than a crop top would. (Be a good first start for the ladies too shy for a full on crop top, baby steps baby steps!) 

Anyways I hope you enjoy babies!


All Aboard

Fashion is a form of art, and for me it's an expression of a mood or vibe for the day. Some days I dress to impress others I'm as plain Jane as I could possibly be. I can be as proud and flamboyant as I please or I could be neutral and undercover. If I want to stand out and call the shots I can totally do that. Some days I want to wear all black and throw on my favorite ball cap on and that's okay. Some day I want all eyes on me- Bright and bubbly. Whatever the mood whatever the occasion I am comfortable for that moment in the garments of my choosing. That's so satisfying. 

You can do whatever you put your mind to. It may not always be at arms reach, but nothing is impossible. 

Overalls have been around forever making it a staple in everyone's closet. I've worn them for years and still love them all the same. I've had these particular pair for years. I picked them up from a thrift store in Texas. 

Top: H&M
Heel: Missguided


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Not gonna lie! When this cropped jumpsuit was sent to me I was actually terrified to wear it! I definitely had to have a small heart to heart with myself before trying it on! Okay, but seriously though if you've seen this type of jumpsuit around the internet chances are it wasn't worn by a plus size woman. I'm here to tell you yes, girl if you see this online and you want to go for it you definitely should! I will say this leaves nothing to the imagination and isn't for the shy. You've got to be completely ready to conquer this one head on. (I speak as if this will be the fight of your life) In all seriousness if nothing else throw this baby on with a blue jean jacket, a trench, a loose fitted maxi jacket, or tie a plaid button down around your waist and keep it moving! There is nothing stopping you from the finish line, but yourself. There are so many possible directions for this type of piece. I would actually love to wear it in many various ways and plan to do so. Maybe I could do a look book around this jumpsuit in the future? Let me know what you think! 

Cropped Jumpsuit|

Anyways hope your coming week is amazing!

With all love and happiness,I

Summer Breeze

I know, I know I've hopped on the casual lingerie bandwagon! I can't say that I've ever worn a slip under a dress yet alone by itself so this was an overall eye catcher for me. Of course when I first saw a style similar to this one I was in love. Challenges are my favorite and this was definitely one of them. 

Absolutely loved this combo of silk and denim! It was surprisingly perfect! I was hesitant to wear an undergarment outside of actual clothing, but something about it made me feel very feminine and proud. Before I was done I was pretty much fearless. It felt a lot like any other piece of material I would wear. I first spotted the trend on Instagram and was instantly in love with the idea. You'd be surprised how versatile it can be, either dressed up or down. The jacket worn with it was amazing in the sense that it could be worn with many other items and stand as a staple in your closet for chilly nights or windy days. I found it to be the exact fit I was looking for.  It's now easily an overall favorite when it comes to breezy feeling outerwear. This outfit is a spring time style must have! 


Better Late Than Never

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

  1. 1
    a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions

What is it about life that can be so extremely exciting in certain areas, but fail so badly in others? In desperate need of balance I did what I know best to do, I find my sanity in so many ways. Music is a great escape for me, I am also very close to my family. There is always room for laughter, and when you're looking to find happiness it's usually provided to you by loved ones. What better way to express your feelings and replace them with joy? Sometimes you need a good chill day of self pampering or relaxation, either way, find your zone and get into it. 

Balance in life is most definitely a treasure. A race between extreme ups and downs. I wish there was somehow a way to better harness it. Guess life wouldn't be the adventure it is without challenges, so for that I am grateful. 

Anyways, ladies and gents I hope you enjoy my millionth blog post with this hat. 
Your welcome! 😝


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I was in Los Angeles when I realized I'd reached 10,000+ followers on Instagram and for 2 seconds I screamed in excitement only to soon consider that my joy in that would be vain and unimportant. I'm amazed to know that so many people are interested in what I'll post next, but part of me wanted to hide in the fact that I was proud of such a vain and worldly accomplishment. Making a difference in the world is what is most important in regards to my blog or social networks. My intentions from the very beginning were to uplift a part of every woman with insecurities. Not to boast in the "insta-fame". I hope to continue making you all very proud. I'm setting the bar higher- bigger goals, higher expectations, and more of everything. I want to work very hard. I want to experience new things and so far this year has been a life changer. I am thrilled to see all that the rest of 2016 has to offer. I can only promise to do my very best. 



I love you!

Thank you for all your support!

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Rope Burn

Saturday, April 16, 2016

"The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do."
 -Kobe Bryant

Daily encouragement is difficult to have, but the drive to push through the rough times is always what determines your success. Fight through, finish strong. I could go on and on with the cheesy quotes, but it's all in you. Find what you love and fight for it. Make your every desire reality. It's all in you. Waiting.