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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Not gonna lie! When this cropped jumpsuit was sent to me I was actually terrified to wear it! I definitely had to have a small heart to heart with myself before trying it on! Okay, but seriously though if you've seen this type of jumpsuit around the internet chances are it wasn't worn by a plus size woman. I'm here to tell you yes, girl if you see this online and you want to go for it you definitely should! I will say this leaves nothing to the imagination and isn't for the shy. You've got to be completely ready to conquer this one head on. (I speak as if this will be the fight of your life) In all seriousness if nothing else throw this baby on with a blue jean jacket, a trench, a loose fitted maxi jacket, or tie a plaid button down around your waist and keep it moving! There is nothing stopping you from the finish line, but yourself. There are so many possible directions for this type of piece. I would actually love to wear it in many various ways and plan to do so. Maybe I could do a look book around this jumpsuit in the future? Let me know what you think! 

Cropped Jumpsuit|

Anyways hope your coming week is amazing!

With all love and happiness,I

Summer Breeze

I know, I know I've hopped on the casual lingerie bandwagon! I can't say that I've ever worn a slip under a dress yet alone by itself so this was an overall eye catcher for me. Of course when I first saw a style similar to this one I was in love. Challenges are my favorite and this was definitely one of them. 

Absolutely loved this combo of silk and denim! It was surprisingly perfect! I was hesitant to wear an undergarment outside of actual clothing, but something about it made me feel very feminine and proud. Before I was done I was pretty much fearless. It felt a lot like any other piece of material I would wear. I first spotted the trend on Instagram and was instantly in love with the idea. You'd be surprised how versatile it can be, either dressed up or down. The jacket worn with it was amazing in the sense that it could be worn with many other items and stand as a staple in your closet for chilly nights or windy days. I found it to be the exact fit I was looking for.  It's now easily an overall favorite when it comes to breezy feeling outerwear. This outfit is a spring time style must have! 


Better Late Than Never

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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    a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions

What is it about life that can be so extremely exciting in certain areas, but fail so badly in others? In desperate need of balance I did what I know best to do, I find my sanity in so many ways. Music is a great escape for me, I am also very close to my family. There is always room for laughter, and when you're looking to find happiness it's usually provided to you by loved ones. What better way to express your feelings and replace them with joy? Sometimes you need a good chill day of self pampering or relaxation, either way, find your zone and get into it. 

Balance in life is most definitely a treasure. A race between extreme ups and downs. I wish there was somehow a way to better harness it. Guess life wouldn't be the adventure it is without challenges, so for that I am grateful. 

Anyways, ladies and gents I hope you enjoy my millionth blog post with this hat. 
Your welcome! 😝