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Monday, January 19, 2015

My newest obsession is this camel maxi coat:

By far, THE coolest coat I've ever owned. I feel heroic in this. This is my most recent post. (Officially done catching up.) It was a great day and I felt so confident. Actually went into work wearing this. (Ripped jeans and all.) Anyway, I'm excited to be getting into spring wear. I'm really going to be wearing my neutral pallet out. It's a wintery warm, but brightfully lit for the upcoming spring fashion. Curvy girls CAN wear what any girl can wear. Ready for more positive vibes and lighter, brighter colors that come along with warmer weather!

Hope you're enjoying the posts,


Sweater| great grandmother's closet

Jean| wet seal +


At the Piano

Dress| f21

Hoping this would be reminiscent of 50's or 60's. Almost an artistic ode to or for the elders in my family. The location and setting for these photos is none other than the home in which whom my mother grew up in. My great grandmother (whom passed away in August of 2014) was a live in altzheimers patient who raised my mother and my aunt along with my great grandfather and my sweet granny. All of which have now passed away now. The Piano has been in and apart of my families lives for far over 40 years. Just as my mother did, I was attempted to be taught to play here. I can remember banging away for hours here as my great grand mother set bowls or celery for me to snack on (lol). Hoping they are watching over me and smiling. Family is everything.

Thank you for viewing,
It was awesome to share
something so personal with you all.

Hope you're all well and happy...


Happy bunny

Random Houston, TX selfie

Top| boyfriends closet
Bodycon mini Skirt| boutique in Houston
Flatforms| f21

Vintage for me, but almost daily I took photos of myself for my ootd posts. This for me is summer inspiration I cannot wait to slide back into my Flatform sandles and skirts. Chambray is forever my favorite button own, second is the lumberjack flannels (lol). Dreaming of summer (my favorite season). If you're wondering: yes, I did wear those bunny ears out to run errands. Happy usual me.

Peace and love,



My daddy's over coat,

Coat| father's closet
Dress| forever 21
Heel| goJane

So in addition to my last post I'm just catching up, this particular shoot was one of the rough ones. The camera and I were not having good days or maybe it was my usual unprepared decision making (lol). Basically last minute photo session. Although it was a bad session it was very sentimental for the reason my father's coat covers me much like the protection he provides and has provided for my family. Hope this one isn't too out of place. I was hoping I could separate the winter boundary with my heeled sandals. These shoes are by far my most comfortable/ worn heel of all the others. How could I go without them even in winter?



Floral Fasanation

Jumpsuit| wet seal +
Flatforms| forever 21

Catching up with photos I've taken over the past months to load here for my viewers. I was reminded that it's been a while since I've added to my blog, and my only excuse is my full time job. Enough of that though, I'm back with fresh photos and new ideas and hopefully a full range of outfit ideas for the next year and upcoming spring fashion. You curvy ladies are in for a treat. Please continue to love yourself just the way you are, then you will find the confidence and courage to change the things you can to feel better. Keep your eye on the end of the tunnel.

With love,