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You Can Call Me Brad Pitt

"I Bought Them Levi's Back Hoes Jockin My Swagg
White Tee's White One's Can't Go Wrong With Dat
New Chain "SuperBad" Models All On My Dick
When BadAzz In Levi's You Can Call Me Brad Pitt" - Lil Boosie
(Thanks Mr. Boosie, for that beautiful introduction.)

Not sure what the hell I did to deserve such a crazy year, but I am so grateful for the growth I was fortunate enough to experience. I didn't initially have plans to rant over the year I've had, but I can't help but reflect over it as we get down to the last couple of days. I am proud of myself although the pressure has been immaculate. Pressure to be, pressure to live, pressure to learn, pressure to love. I plan to carry on into 2018 with the same charisma. 
Girl, these jeans though. In these photos I wanted to prove that even the simplest of t-shirts could pair with them. You know those t-shirts that sneak into you drawer without any special importance? Yeah thats this one, I later found …

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