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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

                  Super Late blog Post from Valentine's

        |●I've been meaning not only to post this addition to the blog, but also to do like a look book of super affordable curvy worthy looks for you guys! I am a budget queen and most time everything I'm wearing cost me little to nothing! I would love to share not only my favorite tips, but also places to find amazing material for your specific shape. So consider this the first of many. A floral peplum dress I picked up for less than $20.00 at rue21. I usually bypass rue21 when shopping, but this particular day I noticed a "new plus size clothing selection" sign outside and figured I'd take a look-see. It wasn't the best of variety, but definitely not the worst. It is refreshing to see plus size garments in a variety of places younger gals shop in. I also noticed wetseals recent addition of plus size clothing (which I LOVE!!) I would definitely recommend checking out both retail selections from each of those locations.
    When I saw this dress I noticed immediately the soft clingy fabric and vibrant print. It was the only purchase I made there, but it was a great start to what I'm sure will be a great place for affordable plus size items.|

Dress○ rue21
Shoe○ missguided

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Modbelle Misha Dress in Charcoal

Sunday, April 12, 2015

                                       Misha dress

   This dress could literally be paired with almost anything for multiple occasions. It's definitely a win win and a great staple for any closet. I was super excited when offered this item. I chose the dress in charcoal because I cannot get enough of neutrals (gray is my spring and summer replacement for black during the fall and winter seasons) this color pairs well with almost anything in my opinion and the charcoal shade could be great for day time or night time. Though, this item comes in several colors. I absolutely love the layer of material underneath that shapes you and feels almost like a bodycon while the top layer is breezy and gives the flow feel we all desire in the warmer weather. It's like the best of both worlds. All in all I truly enjoyed the comfort and style of the Misha dress and appreciate the collaboration. Go check out Modbelle's apparel all on their Website.

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Special thanks to modbelle for thinking of me and collaborating!!







Bosshia Rae's Grown Woman T-shirt

                                        Grown Woman

           I am very much honored to represent the "everyday woman". The owner of this shirt company is an amazing and inspiring writer, mother, and community leader for our youth and representer of all women. I was absolutely ecstatic when asked to wear her shirt. Her purpose and vision for the shirt was to reach out to all types of women accomplishing their goals and being positive forces wherever they are in their own personal journey and lives. whether you're a mother, a student, a entrepreneur, a business woman, an independent woman, a hard working woman, or behind the scenes. We all play our own roles in the universe. Her hopes for this shirt is to inspire whatever woman you are!

Being a successful women of power starts within and we must all stand together to support and cheer on all the beautiful talented individuals in our community. I am extremely proud of Bosshia and all her current and future success and endeavors. Please go grab this shirt in honor of type of women you are and what you represent. I hope this inspires the woman you are and the woman you are still becoming!!


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