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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I felt absolutely invincible here in my skin. No one could change my mind and I LIVE for that feeling and yern it constantly. I want you guys to understand and feel that same feeling not only in swimwear but in your clothes in general always. I hope you love your bodies and don't feel apologetic for your body.

I am from a small town and it is looked down on girls or young women to be so revealing and open with their nature or body. I had a lot of second thoughts when I saw the the final shots from the shoot. I was afraid of the negativity or displeasing comments. I know a lot of my elders are not happy with the post over the Internet, but my intent for these photos was not to entice men. I had no ill-intentions or malicious thoughts to provoke.

I say all this to say I feel incredible weight to take the photos down, because all my life people have sexualized my body and made me feel as if it is wrong to show my body. There is nothing wrong with being happy in your skin and showing the world your "beach body" or taking photos in swimwear. I notice a lot of my pictures get the "sexy" title slapped on it and it upsets me. I'm not offended at all at the thought of being sexy but the thought of people putting me in the "sexy vixen" category is totally degrading. I am here for inspiration. I want people to allow me to bring diversity for curvy ladies to the table. Allow girls with thighs and hips to produce quality inspiration. I want young  girls to feel inferior. Not one doubt, not one ounce of regret for their bodies. How can we make our girls confident if we degrade and sexualize them. How can we spread positivity and make them feel ashamed of their bodies all at the same time? The confusion has consumed even me. I want to take a stand for the curvy ladies and represent them well. With no regret!!


Top| f21
Bottom| Ralph Lauren 

Kimmy Kimmie Kay

2nd look for the white bodycon and I can say I loved the way I felt in this one.This outfit jokingly had me feeling like Kim k. Was she my inspiration for the outfit? Maybe 🙈🙊
Had me strolling everywhere feeling super fancy.
Seriously tho, she is all about the neutrals and I admire her style. ♡ She has tons of those neutral colored maxi coats and I plan to add to my collection for upcoming fall. Her shoes probably would've been a little more minimalistic but hey I love these for this outfit.

Jacket Chronicles: Little Blue Jean Jacket

I spoke for about an hour via Snapchat with Gabi Freah whom I was able to rack her brain of the most helpful knowledge and advice for aspiring successful bloggers. She is an amazing Los Angeles based blogger who start early 2000's, so you can call her a pioneer of the game of plus size blogging. I was like a sponge soaking up all the knowledge all will trying not to totally bore her or make her feel like she was being interviewed with what I'm sure are typical questions. Anyway I was totally thrilled. One piece of advice, was to always focus my blog posts on the styling of outfits. Try to keep them interesting. So I tried putting a little more time into my outfit ideas. Which I haven't honestly done in some time. I want to step this all up a notch, the blogs design is next! So stay tuned.

Anyway my attempt at heating up my outfits began here and I must say this is one of my favorites. I styled this white bodycon 3 ways!! ;)

Bodycon| H&m
Jacket| goodwill
Bucket hat| f21
Heel| gojane

Bull by the Horns

Monday, July 20, 2015

When my bikini set came in the mail I was so excited to surprise a lot of my friends and followers with how well a curvy fugure could look in an actual top and botton. For a long time I've been wanting to wear a real bikini in hopes that I could inspire plus size women and show others that girls at any size could also wear bikinis and be considered sexy too. So I tried it on and figured it looked decent enough to give a go, the top doesn't fit my boobs like I'd like but it is interesting as a whole. I never imaged I'd ever put anything on like this and wear it in public but I am and I will take that stand. I did this for all the girls and women self conscious on the beaches and in pools, because honestly im tired of people feeling like they aren't good enough or of a particular size to wear swimwear. That is absolutely ridulous. At least all women should feel confident enough to enjoy some summer fun without worrying about negative comments or body shaming. We have got to do better at encouraing each other. Everyone has insecurities. Lets be consious of that and support one another. I am confident and proud of the skin I'm in. I pray for all of you and that you can be the bad ass you're made to be!!

Thank you

Midnight Tell All

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

  Seriously it is beyond my wildest dream to inspire self love. I would love to travel and do motivational speeches for women and young girls. Self esteem is huge and growing up I never had a plus size women to look up to and think she represented me. Now a days girls have plenty of options I just wanna be one of them. I'm truly aspiring to inspire.

  I only do blog posts in hopes that I can inspire any girl with self esteem issues to begin a journey of self love. If I'm honest, I'm really shy when it comes to certain pieces of clothing or more revealing outfits, but in some way I guess im bold. I like that I can sort of take a stand or give my own twist to certain restrictions people have for clothing when it comes to plus size or curvy women. That's honestly why I have a blog and instagram. It makes me happy to inspire young girls. I'm not sure what I want do or how I will do it, but I want to base it all around self love and empowerment. If I never accomplish anything else I hope to make a small impact or influence in someone's life. That is then when I will have reached my ultimate goal.

  I'd love to speak to some of you, if you're following my IG message me or comment I will always reply. If not, you could  always email me!

Love as always,

Commander of You

I will never be skinny and that doesn't bother me one bit. I am (or more recent years) more confident in who I am. I don't look at it as settling simply because there is nothing of me to be ashamed of. I am beautiful needless to say in my own way. As everyone else's individual beauty is admired. It took my evening snack of family sized baked lays (lol I'm one for visuals lol) on the couch, while watching Martin; to realize I'll never be a size 2. My weight has fluctuated since I was a girl. I am all about health and nutrients, but I just can't be concerned with what size I am to determine all of the many things or qualities  about my character that make me the young woman I am. I am proud of our generation in the fact that so many young woman are so courageous and proactive about the people they are becoming. It is so important to love the person you are and see value in ourselves. It makes me so happy to see so many women of ALL sizes so full of confidence. No other person is like you, no one else can aquire the specific gift you were given, there is one particular gift that you were given that is just right for you and only you. So naturally you have no need to compare yourself to the next individual. I used to and still do currently have issues reminding myself to fight my own course. Simply just to focus on my own specific path. There is no reason to envy the journey of your neighbor. It dims your shine when you are too focused on the light of others. Here I am all over these different topics, but I hope you could relate to this, as I had it on my heart to share.

Thanks as always for reading.
Hope your life is full and complete as it is necessary for you to be,

Love and respect

Gray Scale

So I have seriously had a style block for a while and I found myself reaching for more neutral colors on shelves and racks at clothing stores. I call this 'Gray Scale' which is so suitable for this post I took these all in one day and paired them with probably my most comfy heels, from GoJane. I'm currently searching like crazy for inspiration. I haven't been able to style like my usual self. The pattern of my color scheme probably gives that away. Don't mind me though, I will always love black.

Hope you enjoy,

Beach bum| 4th of July, 2015

So I definitely enjoyed my fourth of July weekend on the coast!! I didn't document a lot or take tons of photos I guess that makes for a good weekend away! I figured what the heck, get some regular bikini bottoms and mix and match them with the black bikini top I picked up. I got little nervous/shy to venture out into the bikini world for the first time EVER, but I was inferior and carefree. Not an ounce of insecurity. I hope that for all of you and that you let not one single opinion, look or comment make you change your mind. No more shorts no more big t-shirts ladies, let's show the world we can wear em just like the rest!!