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Monday, May 25, 2015

        |Mom snapped these before church this morning. The out fit was comfy and left me feeling extremely confident. I've been buzzing through the entire day with a glow that I am so thankful to have.

Today a young women thanked me and told me that my posts gave her motivation to love herself and the push she needed to be the beautiful confident woman she was born to be. Throughout all the encouragement we passed back and forth I seriously started thinking and I cannot believe the direction my life is taking.

It is beyond my wildest dream to inspire self love. I would love to travel and do motivational speeches for women and young girls. Self esteem is huge and growing up I never had a plus size women to look up to and think she represented me. Now a days girls have plenty of options I just wanna be one of them. I'm truly aspiring to inspire

I don't know what I want do or how I will do it, but I want to base it all around self love and empowerment.|

Top: Cato
Pant: JC penny
Shoe: mom's closet

Stepping on Eggshells

Saturday, May 23, 2015

   |This outfit cost like a total of $30.00, remember I mentioned posts prior to today that I'd begin like a stream of posts based on lower prices and places to shop for quality without outrages prices? Guess we could add this to that stream. The top ($10.99) came from Cato as well as the shorts  ($19.99). Cato is a local shop here and I've seen them in many locations in the south. It's not a place the younger crowds visit, but in my opinion is highly underrated. Now I will admit you'll have to search the racks with a keen eye, but you could most definitely achieve whatever look you're aquiring. I tell my mom all the time, not to expect to go to ANY store and find the entire outfit in one store or spot. Find what fits good and what you like from one place and piece it together with pieces you liked from other places. I think a mistake we make often is wanting to find the top, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and all in one spot and that is almost impossible. Besides who wants to limit themselves to one store? Branch out and look at the clothing as treasures from each store and match things when you get home. Anyway needless to say Cato definitely needs some checking out!!|

Hope you all are not only reading, but enjoying

The Prince dress by Shabby Apple

Sunday, May 10, 2015

                                  Lavender Love Struck

       The prince dress in lavender has me absolutely love struck for summer. The vision behind this blog post began as soon as I laid eyes on the dress online. I could see railroad tracks, summer breezes, and flowers (tons and tons of every color). It was definitely love at first sight.

        The very versatile Prince dress makes a gorgeous statement for the girly girl. You could literally wear this for multiple occasions. I chose to wear this piece in a casual light, with funky rose gold colored flats, it would have also paired well with a chunky heel or strapy sandal too. Prince could be very formal it would make a beautiful choice in bridesmaids dresses, it could be a great date night option for magical nights or evenings. Prince would be a gorgeous tea party, picnic type vibe for hanging out with friends and family or attending something formal, but friendly and casual. The options for this piece are unimaginable.

       I didn't want to be too shy with shoes, as this dress is lavender. I'm not one to play it safe with clothing so I definitely went there when pairing it with rose gold flats. Minimal accessories and light makeup to let this dress get all the attention. I love the way it cinches in the waist and flares over in its tea length bottom. The back zipper and crew neckline make for an alluring evening or daytime option, but the silhouette is very romantic and delicate for any night or occasion. It allows any figure or body type to shine, but also provides great comfort , as I ran a million errands that day and chased a 1 year old around with balloons! It was a great fit and a great pick from all the other beautiful pieces shabby apple has online. I appreciate the opportunity to work with this company and thank you guys for allowing me a chance to sport the Prince dress in lavender.

Please check out the website

Pralines and cream

Sunday, May 3, 2015

                               Pralines and parties

So this was by far my favorite, of course the pictures do no justice. I may recreate this outfit for another post in the future so I can truly give this outfit the scenery it deserves. But for now let's focus on this perfect night out duo for the curvies out there watching. This amazing bandage mini is perfect for a night on the town. Who says minis aren't for curves?? Let's rethink that, matter of fact reevaluate the idea all together! I paired it with a peplum top with a added flair of velvety texture I immediately fell in love with. The royal blue was a perfect color and the peeks of fabric that allow you to see a little flesh. I was drawn to the combo I made here. (Can you tell?) I left the club pulling and tugging happily n that skirt all night! I felt so fabulous. I'm hoping this inspired you girls to grab the shortest bandage mini skirt you could find!

Top♡ forever21
heel♡ missguided
bandage mini♡ random boutique lol (sorry)

Fitted formailty

                                       Fitted formailty

     So there's formal night every night for dinner and I found this dress incredibly awful looking on the rack at ross, but I knew the design of the dress would hug my curves just right. The ruching on the side of the dress draws the fabric in a upward motion causing it to lay perfectly over any areas you aren't as comfort with. Making this the perfect something to grab regardless of the pattern or color. I honestly am more concerned with the fit vs yhe color. Don't get me wrong the gold is completely addictive and I didn't ever want to take this off, but if I'm honest it took me to try this on to fall in love. Either way I thought this was the perfect match between fit and color for formal nights out.

Dress• ross
Hell• missguided

Bon voyage

                                      The sweetheart

This outfit was worn on a night out in The Bahamas, it was super comfortable, but the necessary amount of fit to cling to me all night perfectly. Peplum is an all time go to for me and I would even go as far as saying this should be a staple in your closet. It also flatter ANY figure or frame. This is a piece I ran across at rue 21, for $14.99 (is that not a steal??)  It is also a identical replica of the pinkish mixed Aztec print I wore in a couple posts prior to this one. Needless to say I am in love with this midi peplum dress!!

Dress| rue 21
shoe| missguided