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Adora| Shabby Apple

Monday, August 31, 2015

As fall approaches I've found myself sadly searching for fall looks. This definitely tops the search. A must have. The color scheme frightened me at first, but I am in love. The length for me is perfect it drags a little and has a little more give then you'd expect. The buttons fall just below the knee giving you versatility as to the many possible ways you could style this piece.

This gorgeous maxi dress, super versatile is by a company I love to collaborate with. Shabby apple features all styles of clothing. Ranging in straight to some plus sizes. The particular styles I always seem to chose of theirs is more of something you usually wouldn't find in my closet. As always, I am pleased with working with them. I am never afraid to venture out of the norm with them.

The adora dress could be dressed down or up for any casual and some formal occasions. I tried it on and saw a vision of trees and outdoor scenery. I wanted a more structured area. I took these photos at William Faulkner's home and front yard, as his home has a beautiful landscape of trees lined as an alley way leading to his home. The front porch and brick lining around the house was absolutely beautiful. It fit the vision perfectly.

Again, thanks to shabby apple for the amazing Adora maxi dress:

Dress| Shabby Apple
Heel| GoJane

Lots of love,



Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jealousy bites.

You should be proud of your girls. Your fellow plus size, your fellow curvy, your fellow slim and trim, and everything in between. Let's be happy for each other. When I see a girl out there doing her thing, I am always always motivated. No one else's life is to be compared to your own. Own you. Own yourself and own your goals and accomplisments. The goal is always to be the best YOU possible. Work a little harder, seek inspiration for the get up and go, but fuel it with your own fire. I'm proud of you girls out there doing YOUR thing, encourages me to focus on my own journey. That doesn't mean I am not ever envious of another gals come up, but my come up is going to be something amazing for me. I'm routing for yall out there building a future. Now go be something to stare at!  Be what they IG stalking, be the one they can't keep their eyes off of! I'll be your biggest fan! 😉

Sweats| H&M
Top| thrifted and crafted on my own
Heel| missguided



If Jumpsuits Could Kill

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This is probably the MOST unforgiving jumpsuit I have ever worn. When shopping it's difficult to know that without trying the item on. Of course as organized and prepared as I am I tried it on and was aware of the fit (tiny white lie, of course I didn't try it on, so learn from this lesson ladies! I am indeed NOT prepared nor am organized so maybe 2 white lies, sorry! Hahah)

Anyway- I was shopping in a rush for items to pack for the cruise (I took this trip mid April) to the Bahamas. It was an amazing trip and I wore this jumpsuit for the first time on a formal occasion with my best friend. There's a belt or piece of elastic around the waist- which don't get me wrong, usually is a great thing, but in the case of a woman with a lower or mid section problem area it may be something you want to stray from. On jumpsuits there is nothing to disguise the areas you are hiding. We love waist bands to hold us in (usually best on dresses or gowns), but when sitting or standing sometimes you can't conceal problem areas with jumpsuits. After eating I was especially feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and self conscious.

This problem could've been avoided simply by finding pieces that accentuate areas you're proud of, without pointing out areas that you aren't yet satisfied with. I find this blog post essential, because I never have clothing that allows me to show what NOT to look for in materials/items.

If this jumpsuit had been peplum (to cover your mid-section) or had ruching on the sides of the fabric it would have been much more flattering and forgiving for the curvier women. I was self conscious and did not post any pictures from my vacation. I chose to wear this suit now seeing as I've proudly lost about 30 lbs and could care less what my tummy looked like, as I am immensely proud of my body regardless. If you guys want details on how I had such a successful weightloss I can definitely elaborate more.

If you are more curious on what in my opinion would suit your body type don't ever be afraid to ask, that's what I'm here for!


Jumpsuit| Tj Maxx
Heel| GoJane


Hope you all enjoyed your summer, look forward to this coming fall fashion as I am thrilled to show you what I'll be wearing. Keep an eye out dolls!!

Loving and praying for all the hearts and minds out there, especially the sweet ones who read my blog!!


With all the love possible,


I'm Just a Girl

So  guys, it has been brought to my attention (self inflicted) that I have not ever went over a usual blog day. May as well tell you guys what a day of photos and writing is for me. Im sure you're so very interested. (Que sarcasm, please)

SO! usually I'll pick something out to wear, which is most times from some vision I put together formed all around 1 piece in particular. Takes about 15-45 minutes (hair and makeup) to get ready just depending on what kind of mess I have atop my head. I do my own makeup, I'm self taught- still learning. When I first started blogging I had no idea how to do makeup at all, and since my mom was never into makeup I youtube'd all the knowledge I've gained.

There's a specific place I go thats outdoors with a basic white brick wall. I perfer natural lighting because photos taken indoors are harder for us to capture the imperfect visual I have for my photos (looks too catalog for my taste) and if you refer to most my posts you'll see this location has been around a long time. Its my "go to" place. Sometimes I venture out to other places. I have been looking around in hotel lobbies, that'll hopefully be my next use for scenery.

I always have a crowd, people are always watching around us and it's so embarrassing. Guys will pass by and honk, which is always flattering. (Que more sarcasm). I can remember a time in my Texas days where a small family and a little girl approached me for autographs I assured them this wasn't that type of moment. I took a picture with them and sent it via email. The little girl had a shine in her eyes that kept fire behind me. It really motivated me to continue the blog posts. You'll never know who's watching and who needs you. People need positive representation of themselves. I hope to be that. I LOVE that about life's progressions.

Then whenever I'm done I have the photos sent to my Google drive. Simple. No editing, becasue I never want girls or young women to have this perfect idea of a woman that doesn't exist. (I repeat, these perfect women DO NOT exist) I may use a brightener (usually only if I've waited to late to finally shoot and the sun fall happened before I was finally ready) or add filters but my purpose is to inspire, so I always just use the raw photos. Imperfections and all.

PSA: One day I may Vlog these type days in entirety so you can see the actual fuss that is my life. hahha

Dress| f21
Shoe| missguided

With much love,