Kiss The Sky

"We have time, there's no big rush."

"I used to live in a room full of mirrors; all I could see was me. I take my spirit and I crash my mirrors, now the whole world is here for me to see."
- Jimi Hendrix 💕

You've seen these jeans of mine millions of times, so I guess that makes them my favorite? I recently cut the bottoms off of them and like them a little bit more. The knees on these bad boys have ripped so far that my thighs are out and I love it. I knew with time they'd fall apart and I'm excited to see how far it gets before I can't wear them anymore. 

People don't know, but I was a Jimi Hendrix obsessed teenager and collected tons of his t-shirts. Somehow after high school I lost touch. When I ran across this in my drawer I ran for my scissors and cut just about an inch off the bottom.  Gives the perfect amount of tummy for any pair of jeans, but showing more than a crop top would. (Be a good first start for the ladies too shy for a full on crop top, baby steps baby steps!) 

Anyways I hope you enjoy babies!



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