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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Feels like I haven't taken photos in forever nor have I written for the blog. I've felt a bit off track/balance. If you keep up with my blog you know that I am constantly searching for the balance. Feels as if I've been stuck in a whirl wind lately. Full of emotion. "I'm back and I'm better" would be the hopeful come back, but if I'm honest I'm still building, and still climbing. Guess that means I am human. I have a few projects up my sleeve and am very excited to present my new website to you guys. If it all plays out well hopefully I can have it all finalized and ready to publish by the end of June. 

Keep pushing forward ladies and gents, better is ahead. I have to remind myself constantly that I have not seen my best days yet. I am on the Lords time, not my own. Keeping my faith strong as ever. Hope I can continue to inspire! Hope your week is as beautiful as you are.


Kiss The Sky

"We have time, there's no big rush."

"I used to live in a room full of mirrors; all I could see was me. I take my spirit and I crash my mirrors, now the whole world is here for me to see."
- Jimi Hendrix 💕

You've seen these jeans of mine millions of times, so I guess that makes them my favorite? I recently cut the bottoms off of them and like them a little bit more. The knees on these bad boys have ripped so far that my thighs are out and I love it. I knew with time they'd fall apart and I'm excited to see how far it gets before I can't wear them anymore. 

People don't know, but I was a Jimi Hendrix obsessed teenager and collected tons of his t-shirts. Somehow after high school I lost touch. When I ran across this in my drawer I ran for my scissors and cut just about an inch off the bottom.  Gives the perfect amount of tummy for any pair of jeans, but showing more than a crop top would. (Be a good first start for the ladies too shy for a full on crop top, baby steps baby steps!) 

Anyways I hope you enjoy babies!


All Aboard

Fashion is a form of art, and for me it's an expression of a mood or vibe for the day. Some days I dress to impress others I'm as plain Jane as I could possibly be. I can be as proud and flamboyant as I please or I could be neutral and undercover. If I want to stand out and call the shots I can totally do that. Some days I want to wear all black and throw on my favorite ball cap on and that's okay. Some day I want all eyes on me- Bright and bubbly. Whatever the mood whatever the occasion I am comfortable for that moment in the garments of my choosing. That's so satisfying. 

You can do whatever you put your mind to. It may not always be at arms reach, but nothing is impossible. 

Overalls have been around forever making it a staple in everyone's closet. I've worn them for years and still love them all the same. I've had these particular pair for years. I picked them up from a thrift store in Texas. 

Top: H&M
Heel: Missguided