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Eat Pizza

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I asked Deeg to give me a good quote to open this blog post with, and he screamed
well, at least I tried. 

*Kanye shrug

Guy and Gals,

My cousin took these photos and you can tell something very funny was happening in every photo.
she'd tell me "do your face" as if I have a signature face. *eye roll.

This romper is my favorite thing hanging in my closet right now.
If you have kept up with my wardrobe over the years you know that I LOVE a cute romper or short set. Most of my rompers are long sleeved because of my conscience effort to hide my arms. They are easily my biggest insecurity. Wearing this was a little weird for me, but I quickly got over it and felt an overwhelming amount of confidence. 
I have been so proud of my body lately I appreciate my features and adore almost every inch. Guess this was a good day? Maybe it was the big hair, maybe it was my hilarious cousin taking my photos or maybe I am gaining more confidence. 

whatever it is I am proud of these.

Girl and those sandals are my absolute favorite I just wish they were more comfortable
*second eye roll.

xoxo dolls,



Little Light of Mine

When I pulled this jumpsuit out of the packaging I was immediately terrified it was bright, and very much made of nothing, but spandex. It screamed "ghetto girl at the club".

I was sent a few outfits from one of my favorite online shops, I modeled with them for a while and trusted just about anything she sent my way. The owner of this shop always picked out amazing pieces for me so I figured this particular time wouldn't be any different. This outfit among others were a little different from something I would have picked for myself.

BOY WAS I WRONG, I stepped behind the camera to shoot these photos with a brave face hoping I didn't look as silly as I felt.
Once I got home and saw the actual photographs I was SO shocked at the turnout. Out of all the outfits this was probably my absolute favorite.

Dare I mention my love for Beyonce's album Lemonade? The fact that this jumpsuit is covered in lemons reminds me of how influential Bey actually is. I fell in love with the album just as everyone else did.

We can call this my dedication to Queen Bey?
Yes, yes we can.


Ty <3

So ladies and gents,

This is from probably January or so and I debated internally with posting these photos.
I am not always proud of all my work and that happens sometimes.
I have been blogging here since 2013 and I have never been afraid to post photos. I have always been proud of everything I have ever done and every photo I have taken for the blog. This time was a little different for me because the top I am wearing is one of my actual personal bras, I have always been a little shy when it came to under garments. I know I wear barlettes and swimwear all the time I have been dressed to almost nothing online, with no shame at all. I find the more personal pieces of my attire to make me feel closed off and more private. I love being fearless and daring, but the small town girl in me gives me reservations about wearing certain articles of clothing in public or on camera.

Revealing these photos to my mother and father was terrifying, I was hoping they would be proud of me regardless. Of course they were. Either way, I love the turn out of these photos.

Enjoy babes,




Okay so I won't lie,

 I was terrified to initially try on this bralette. My photographer was suggesting outfit ideas to me prior to the shoot and casually mentioned maybe wearing a bralette as if I, Tyler was capable of such. I shrugged it off with a "oh sure" trying not to freak out on the outside. That following weekend I set out to find the perfect one for not only my stature and build, but my fairly large breasts. I was up for a challenge so I dragged my friend with me and we both tried on a million different options. This particular one is from Torrid, which I admit is not my favorite store to shop in. (Remind me one day to tell in detail why) The first try is the one pictured in the photos. I had a bralette years ago that didn't seem to suit me well so I was shy to conquer my next barrette with my usual confidence. I was instantly in love with the length of this one, the feel of the fabric and the color all came together to swoon me. That next Monday Emily and I (my photographer) set out to capture the vision she had in mind. I love her input and guidance she really does have such an eye for these things. The outcome was magic. You have seen this skirt a million times it is a staple in my closet and will continue on. 


I hope you love these as much as I do.