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Prominence: Sunday Inspiration

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Let nothing get in the way of your dreams and desires, you know that phrase you've seen a million times before? That tells you that you can be whatever you put your mind to? I believe whole heartedly that you can do whatever it is you aspire to do or be. There isn't a limit at all that can deter you from what makes your heart sing. I've been feeling so inspired lately and so very empowered. There isn't a thing I can't do. I refuse to let my appearance wether skin color, weight/size, height or anything at all for that matter discourage me or allow me to think otherwise. We were made strong to do and build and be. Whatever, whoever, where ever we desire. I hope you let not one flaw or feature or person stop you from believing that the sun doesn't shine on you just like it does everyone else. I hope all the beauty that is embedded in you can shine and breathe and be free. It's time to let all of your hearts desires be wild as it can be. Let us not ever doubt or be in disbelief of the things God has placed on our hearts. Follow your path and believe in yourself and I know all that is meant for you will be greatness!!


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Just a Mississippi girl who aspires to inspire. I am a plus size focused stylist first and foremost with intentions to give outfit ideas and write about things fashion related I am interested in. Raised in a small town with big hopes and dreams. I'd like to think I always pushed the envelope with my clothing, some trendy some expressive. I can remember as a child I'd throw on whatever made me feel literally insane and I'd run the hallways carefree. I've always been the happiest person I know. This blogging took off around 2012 and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I have learned so much about myself and have grown to know so much. I am proud of the woman I am evolving to be. I love writing and sending hope to girls out there just like me.   My style is daring and somehow the way I explain my way of thinking. I hope to produce more artistic/different outfits and push the limits for people of all sizes. I would love to continue this and be the curvy girl with no limits or fears. There is nothing we can't do. I hope you're courageous this point on and taking all limits off your closets!!!


|post after post I have gotten bored and uninspired. I got a dress today while shopping with mom and put it on with intentions of wearing it for today's posts. I looked in the mirror and even I was bored of the decency. How could I have become so cookie cutter so routine. So the norm. When I began this journey of blogging and taking pictures the only thing keeping me totally interested was the style I had that stood out. I prided myself on making a statement of my specific style for each photo. You guys loved it and I enjoyed being as different as I so naturally am. So today I hopped out of that wrap dress and stood near my closet where I was hoping something more interesting would jump out at me. I looked down at the lace undies I had lying on my bed. I immediately thought of the styles of Victoria secret undies that were peeking over all the shorts I'd seen on tumblr lately. So I stood there in these shorts and lace rummaging through my drawers for the perfect fitted top to pair with it. Found this long sleeve fleece type top and I loved the flow of neutrals I had going. I feel totally comfortable and "in my zone" in this outfit. So absolutely "something I'd wear" type of style. Anyway, hope you guys like this and better yet I hope you're evening reading this!!

Well here goes: