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Trendy Joggers Trend

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Tee| wetseal 
Pant| f21
Heel| shoe carnival 


                 |reminisce of a 50's glam in my opinion this seems of a classic. Not my favorite and the lighting this day was terrible but I enjoy taking photos on my off day, glad to have gotten this one out. The joggers were so my favorite so comfy and flattering. Better pick some up guys!|

Country girl/ iPhone shares

       iPhone pics/junk I wanted to share 

Tee| wetseal
Jeans| f21

        |so bc I had so many people asking about the jeans I was wearing I figured I'd  feature this one, btw my figure is deceiving you all of all the chocolate I've ate lately| 



Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dress| f21
Heel| shoedazzle 

              |Swear it's been 56 years since a post but I'm back. Been in hiding dealing with my own battles picked up some weight and have been running away from everything that's spiraled in my life. Can't be superwoman all the time. Some times I need saving myself... After my recent birthday (9/16) I did a little shopping got some inspiration and plan to get back on track. I have days just like everyone else where I don't feel good enough, I think I will always have a fear of truly fully loving myself but there's a roar behind me that just won't stop. We have to always keep moving. Life means growth lets evolve. 

P.s. Good to open up again to all u listening; remember your voice will always be heard|

Not your typical picnic

Monday, July 7, 2014

Playsuit| hm
Pump| justfab
Hat| 1$tree
Button down| dads

               |fourth behavior was pretty clutch, tho I didn't actually wear this (didn't consider this appropriate for family matters) it was cute and someone I quickly threw together hope that's not obvious, those shoes are the devil to wear. Love you!! Xoxo|

Back in line

Saturday, May 31, 2014


                       Back in line 

Top| thrift
flannel| thrift 
Shorts| thrift/DIY
Shoes| shoedazzle

Summer chic

                     Summer chic

Top| thrift
skirt| urban outfitters 
Shoes| shoedazzle

Date night with curvy b

                    Date night 101

Dress| h&m
Shoes| shoedazzle


Friday, May 2, 2014

Floral Crown| by curvybliss
Glasses| rayban
Dress| rue21
Kimono| boohoo
Shoes| gojane

                              | I LOVE this outfit I have been dreaming of this one for about a month now, waiting for the perfect time to put it together. Should have been in the middle of a flower field somewhere but I digress|


Monday, April 28, 2014

Dress| rainbows 
Kimono| boohoo
Shoes| rainbows

                  |date night with deeg at hardrock, it was amazing.|


Kimono| boohoo
Top| love culture 
Shorts| thrifted DIY 
Shoes| gojane
Bag| thrift 

Beach Babe

Suit| forever21

                           | just took a super sweet mini vacay with deeg, it was awesome I enjoyed myself. Got to be free, no makeup, I barely even brushed my hair. Just naturally me. It was amazing|  

Easter Sunday OOTD

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

                 Easter Shenanigans

Cardigan| thrift
Sandals| rainbows
Bag| justfab
Necklace| Charlotte Russe
Dress| rainbows

         |sunday outside of church deeg snapped a quick one of me, happy Easter xoxoox| 

Fever Of Blues pt. 2

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

•top| daddy's closet
•pants| popupplus
•shoes| f21

                        |hello babies, pt dos of the fever of blues edition: I had the awesome opportunity to style these pants as I would like to win a contest to do a giveaway to my IG followers. The other girls did so well I was very surprised by the other people chosen to do the challenge. I played it very safe and went with a chambray top, and comfort on my feet keeping all attention on the print of the pants. I followed the blue into different shades and I think this outfit is one anyone can find and recreate while looking great. Hope you guys enjoyπŸ’•πŸ˜☺️🎈| 


Sunday, March 30, 2014


 Sketch by: @generic_art of IG

                   | I woke up the other day with the honor of being drawn by a lovely follower on my Instagram I was amazed by the sketch, it instantly made my day. The first picture is the original; the others are edited versions of the original sketch. I hope you guys find this as cute as I did!|

Fever of Blues

•top| old chambray button down
•Pants| total DIY pair of jeans 
•shoes| f21


                      |this shoot was a last minute idea, I actually got to do a couple outfits for a ooft for YouTube which should be up soon. The top I stole from dad's closet. The jeans looked nothing like these when I bought them. Literally everything u see was done by me. These flatforms were my staple shoe last summer I was ecstatic to break them out this weekend. Couldn't resist these comfort + height sandals for the ootd video you'll soon see on my YouTube (curvybliss) hope you guys reach a little inspo from this outfit. Chambray is SO versatile and goes with seriously everything. Love you πŸ’•|