Not gonna lie! When this cropped jumpsuit was sent to me I was actually terrified to wear it! I definitely had to have a small heart to heart with myself before trying it on! Okay, but seriously though if you've seen this type of jumpsuit around the internet chances are it wasn't worn by a plus size woman. I'm here to tell you yes, girl if you see this online and you want to go for it you definitely should! I will say this leaves nothing to the imagination and isn't for the shy. You've got to be completely ready to conquer this one head on. (I speak as if this will be the fight of your life) In all seriousness if nothing else throw this baby on with a blue jean jacket, a trench, a loose fitted maxi jacket, or tie a plaid button down around your waist and keep it moving! There is nothing stopping you from the finish line, but yourself. There are so many possible directions for this type of piece. I would actually love to wear it in many various ways and plan to do so. Maybe I could do a look book around this jumpsuit in the future? Let me know what you think! 

Cropped Jumpsuit| www.envymycurvesboutique.storenvy.com

Anyways hope your coming week is amazing!

With all love and happiness,I


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