So much has changed since we last talked (or read) guess I can use this opportunity to let you guys know (officially) that I have moved to Lincoln Nebraska. If you have been following for a while, yes, I once lived in Houston Texas then I later spent a year or so back in my hometown in Oxford Mississippi and now I am located in Nebraska. My first week here was kind of hectic getting settled in. Now we are at my 24th birthday weekend! Yay me! 

So, of course as soon as I arrived here I made mental notes of every graffiti wall I passed (keep an eye open for future posts with the amazing walls I've found). I am stoked to be back just in time for pre-fall and fall fashion. Now that I live in the mid west area I am going to experience a cold I've never known in Mississippi or Texas. Wish me luck. Needless to say my outfits this season will be much different from any past outfits over this season.  I've been working pretty hard to come up with super cozy but stylish ideas and I am ready for it! 


While it is still pretty warm here I want to squeeze in every short suit, romper and pair of shorts possible. This particular romper is from Charlotte Russe. It has become my go to for nights out! Very flattering for the curvy gals! 

The boots are from BooHoo! 

Anyway, I hope all is wonderfully well with you guys reading! 

I'm back!






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