I felt absolutely invincible here in my skin. No one could change my mind and I LIVE for that feeling and yern it constantly. I want you guys to understand and feel that same feeling not only in swimwear but in your clothes in general always. I hope you love your bodies and don't feel apologetic for your body.

I am from a small town and it is looked down on girls or young women to be so revealing and open with their nature or body. I had a lot of second thoughts when I saw the the final shots from the shoot. I was afraid of the negativity or displeasing comments. I know a lot of my elders are not happy with the post over the Internet, but my intent for these photos was not to entice men. I had no ill-intentions or malicious thoughts to provoke.

I say all this to say I feel incredible weight to take the photos down, because all my life people have sexualized my body and made me feel as if it is wrong to show my body. There is nothing wrong with being happy in your skin and showing the world your "beach body" or taking photos in swimwear. I notice a lot of my pictures get the "sexy" title slapped on it and it upsets me. I'm not offended at all at the thought of being sexy but the thought of people putting me in the "sexy vixen" category is totally degrading. I am here for inspiration. I want people to allow me to bring diversity for curvy ladies to the table. Allow girls with thighs and hips to produce quality inspiration. I want young  girls to feel inferior. Not one doubt, not one ounce of regret for their bodies. How can we make our girls confident if we degrade and sexualize them. How can we spread positivity and make them feel ashamed of their bodies all at the same time? The confusion has consumed even me. I want to take a stand for the curvy ladies and represent them well. With no regret!!


Top| f21
Bottom| Ralph Lauren 


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