Midnight Tell All

  Seriously it is beyond my wildest dream to inspire self love. I would love to travel and do motivational speeches for women and young girls. Self esteem is huge and growing up I never had a plus size women to look up to and think she represented me. Now a days girls have plenty of options I just wanna be one of them. I'm truly aspiring to inspire.

  I only do blog posts in hopes that I can inspire any girl with self esteem issues to begin a journey of self love. If I'm honest, I'm really shy when it comes to certain pieces of clothing or more revealing outfits, but in some way I guess im bold. I like that I can sort of take a stand or give my own twist to certain restrictions people have for clothing when it comes to plus size or curvy women. That's honestly why I have a blog and instagram. It makes me happy to inspire young girls. I'm not sure what I want do or how I will do it, but I want to base it all around self love and empowerment. If I never accomplish anything else I hope to make a small impact or influence in someone's life. That is then when I will have reached my ultimate goal.

  I'd love to speak to some of you, if you're following my IG message me or comment I will always reply. If not, you could  always email me!

Love as always,


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