Jacket Chronicles: Little Blue Jean Jacket

I spoke for about an hour via Snapchat with Gabi Freah whom I was able to rack her brain of the most helpful knowledge and advice for aspiring successful bloggers. She is an amazing Los Angeles based blogger who start early 2000's, so you can call her a pioneer of the game of plus size blogging. I was like a sponge soaking up all the knowledge all will trying not to totally bore her or make her feel like she was being interviewed with what I'm sure are typical questions. Anyway I was totally thrilled. One piece of advice, was to always focus my blog posts on the styling of outfits. Try to keep them interesting. So I tried putting a little more time into my outfit ideas. Which I haven't honestly done in some time. I want to step this all up a notch, the blogs design is next! So stay tuned.

Anyway my attempt at heating up my outfits began here and I must say this is one of my favorites. I styled this white bodycon 3 ways!! ;)

Bodycon| H&m
Jacket| goodwill
Bucket hat| f21
Heel| gojane


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