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"X-rated elevated, buck naked
And I'd probably fuck your daddy

If your mammie wasn't playa hatin'

Cause I'm da baddest bitch" 

- Katrina Laverne "Trina" Taylor 

It's been too long since we last spoke, I am hoping I can make up for lost time. I mean honestly between school + work my time has been consumed. Now that I'm back I really have had it on my heart to speak to you ladies about some of the things happening in the world around me. I have been holding my tongue on certain conversations, but allow me to clear my mind:

I really am feeling pressure to start my own business or start working for myself. Ladies and gents, the goals we have need to be put in action. These are the years of the grind. I cannot for the life of me figure out what I was waiting on. There is plenty of money to be made what are we out here waiting on? 5+ years from now the truly successful people will be the people who own their own brand. Lets get bossed up.

Two weeks from now I will have the 'big chop'. I am a bit anxious and of course now craving the creamy crack. I am not sure on how long its been since I've had a relaxer probably a little over the six month mark. I cannot wait to get it over with and never turn back. The journey shall be magnificent. 

Okay, so lets talk. This question may require some conversation so HMU on any social site or shoot a dm I am ready to discuss. What is this new (or possibly old) trend of black men not preferring black women? I have never been too pressed for the attention or approval of other men, but (personally speaking and from multiple other black women) I have found this to be more and more common. I want to first off say that I have absolutely no issue with interracial dating. Love is a beautiful and extraordinary thing, but what continues to baffle me is the fact that black men are seemingly less and less attracted to black women. What is up with that? I plan to set up the opportunity for this discovery of mine to be further looked into. So for now we will bookmark this conversation and continue soon.

I have really had the desire to set up or coordinate a celebration of some sort for black women as I think we are the gems of the earth and too often put down or belittled. I want you ladies to know you are loved, valued, and appreciated. I would love to set up a place for growth, love, acceptance, encouragement and all that if I could. (Think: BlackGirlsRock, etc, etc). If you think that'd be fun let me know!

Now lets talk about this look honey:

This outfit reflects the perfect intro to fall look. I wanted something comfy and that represented my style on a normal day. I am a very neutral dresser outside of my blog and Instagram. You'll catch me in cut off sweatshirts and skinnys layered with a denim jacket. This particular jacket is a huge staple of mine. I find myself wrapped in this most days in every way possible sometimes even allowing it to hang from my shoulders or drape off like a loose top. It is my fave right now. These translucent booties are literally the most comfy stacked heel I have, I throw them on for most my nights out. They never ever fail me. The bandana idea is something I stole from a guy I dated. Mens fashion is forever so so intriguing. I dare you to copycat a guys outfit and kill it. 

-Thats all for now babe, enjoy your week and continue to flourish!

You are special important and mean the world to me.
Until next time sweet thang,



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