Bull by the Horns

When my bikini set came in the mail I was so excited to surprise a lot of my friends and followers with how well a curvy fugure could look in an actual top and botton. For a long time I've been wanting to wear a real bikini in hopes that I could inspire plus size women and show others that girls at any size could also wear bikinis and be considered sexy too. So I tried it on and figured it looked decent enough to give a go, the top doesn't fit my boobs like I'd like but it is interesting as a whole. I never imaged I'd ever put anything on like this and wear it in public but I am and I will take that stand. I did this for all the girls and women self conscious on the beaches and in pools, because honestly im tired of people feeling like they aren't good enough or of a particular size to wear swimwear. That is absolutely ridulous. At least all women should feel confident enough to enjoy some summer fun without worrying about negative comments or body shaming. We have got to do better at encouraing each other. Everyone has insecurities. Lets be consious of that and support one another. I am confident and proud of the skin I'm in. I pray for all of you and that you can be the bad ass you're made to be!!

Thank you


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