Commander of You

I will never be skinny and that doesn't bother me one bit. I am (or more recent years) more confident in who I am. I don't look at it as settling simply because there is nothing of me to be ashamed of. I am beautiful needless to say in my own way. As everyone else's individual beauty is admired. It took my evening snack of family sized baked lays (lol I'm one for visuals lol) on the couch, while watching Martin; to realize I'll never be a size 2. My weight has fluctuated since I was a girl. I am all about health and nutrients, but I just can't be concerned with what size I am to determine all of the many things or qualities  about my character that make me the young woman I am. I am proud of our generation in the fact that so many young woman are so courageous and proactive about the people they are becoming. It is so important to love the person you are and see value in ourselves. It makes me so happy to see so many women of ALL sizes so full of confidence. No other person is like you, no one else can aquire the specific gift you were given, there is one particular gift that you were given that is just right for you and only you. So naturally you have no need to compare yourself to the next individual. I used to and still do currently have issues reminding myself to fight my own course. Simply just to focus on my own specific path. There is no reason to envy the journey of your neighbor. It dims your shine when you are too focused on the light of others. Here I am all over these different topics, but I hope you could relate to this, as I had it on my heart to share.

Thanks as always for reading.
Hope your life is full and complete as it is necessary for you to be,

Love and respect


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