Okay so I won't lie,

 I was terrified to initially try on this bralette. My photographer was suggesting outfit ideas to me prior to the shoot and casually mentioned maybe wearing a bralette as if I, Tyler was capable of such. I shrugged it off with a "oh sure" trying not to freak out on the outside. That following weekend I set out to find the perfect one for not only my stature and build, but my fairly large breasts. I was up for a challenge so I dragged my friend with me and we both tried on a million different options. This particular one is from Torrid, which I admit is not my favorite store to shop in. (Remind me one day to tell in detail why) The first try is the one pictured in the photos. I had a bralette years ago that didn't seem to suit me well so I was shy to conquer my next barrette with my usual confidence. I was instantly in love with the length of this one, the feel of the fabric and the color all came together to swoon me. That next Monday Emily and I (my photographer) set out to capture the vision she had in mind. I love her input and guidance she really does have such an eye for these things. The outcome was magic. You have seen this skirt a million times it is a staple in my closet and will continue on. 


I hope you love these as much as I do.



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