So ladies and gents,

This is from probably January or so and I debated internally with posting these photos.
I am not always proud of all my work and that happens sometimes.
I have been blogging here since 2013 and I have never been afraid to post photos. I have always been proud of everything I have ever done and every photo I have taken for the blog. This time was a little different for me because the top I am wearing is one of my actual personal bras, I have always been a little shy when it came to under garments. I know I wear barlettes and swimwear all the time I have been dressed to almost nothing online, with no shame at all. I find the more personal pieces of my attire to make me feel closed off and more private. I love being fearless and daring, but the small town girl in me gives me reservations about wearing certain articles of clothing in public or on camera.

Revealing these photos to my mother and father was terrifying, I was hoping they would be proud of me regardless. Of course they were. Either way, I love the turn out of these photos.

Enjoy babes,




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