Eat Pizza

I asked Deeg to give me a good quote to open this blog post with, and he screamed
well, at least I tried. 

*Kanye shrug

Guy and Gals,

My cousin took these photos and you can tell something very funny was happening in every photo.
she'd tell me "do your face" as if I have a signature face. *eye roll.

This romper is my favorite thing hanging in my closet right now.
If you have kept up with my wardrobe over the years you know that I LOVE a cute romper or short set. Most of my rompers are long sleeved because of my conscience effort to hide my arms. They are easily my biggest insecurity. Wearing this was a little weird for me, but I quickly got over it and felt an overwhelming amount of confidence. 
I have been so proud of my body lately I appreciate my features and adore almost every inch. Guess this was a good day? Maybe it was the big hair, maybe it was my hilarious cousin taking my photos or maybe I am gaining more confidence. 

whatever it is I am proud of these.

Girl and those sandals are my absolute favorite I just wish they were more comfortable
*second eye roll.

xoxo dolls,




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