Little Light of Mine

When I pulled this jumpsuit out of the packaging I was immediately terrified it was bright, and very much made of nothing, but spandex. It screamed "ghetto girl at the club".

I was sent a few outfits from one of my favorite online shops, I modeled with them for a while and trusted just about anything she sent my way. The owner of this shop always picked out amazing pieces for me so I figured this particular time wouldn't be any different. This outfit among others were a little different from something I would have picked for myself.

BOY WAS I WRONG, I stepped behind the camera to shoot these photos with a brave face hoping I didn't look as silly as I felt.
Once I got home and saw the actual photographs I was SO shocked at the turnout. Out of all the outfits this was probably my absolute favorite.

Dare I mention my love for Beyonce's album Lemonade? The fact that this jumpsuit is covered in lemons reminds me of how influential Bey actually is. I fell in love with the album just as everyone else did.

We can call this my dedication to Queen Bey?
Yes, yes we can.


Ty <3


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