I'm Just a Girl

So  guys, it has been brought to my attention (self inflicted) that I have not ever went over a usual blog day. May as well tell you guys what a day of photos and writing is for me. Im sure you're so very interested. (Que sarcasm, please)

SO! usually I'll pick something out to wear, which is most times from some vision I put together formed all around 1 piece in particular. Takes about 15-45 minutes (hair and makeup) to get ready just depending on what kind of mess I have atop my head. I do my own makeup, I'm self taught- still learning. When I first started blogging I had no idea how to do makeup at all, and since my mom was never into makeup I youtube'd all the knowledge I've gained.

There's a specific place I go thats outdoors with a basic white brick wall. I perfer natural lighting because photos taken indoors are harder for us to capture the imperfect visual I have for my photos (looks too catalog for my taste) and if you refer to most my posts you'll see this location has been around a long time. Its my "go to" place. Sometimes I venture out to other places. I have been looking around in hotel lobbies, that'll hopefully be my next use for scenery.

I always have a crowd, people are always watching around us and it's so embarrassing. Guys will pass by and honk, which is always flattering. (Que more sarcasm). I can remember a time in my Texas days where a small family and a little girl approached me for autographs I assured them this wasn't that type of moment. I took a picture with them and sent it via email. The little girl had a shine in her eyes that kept fire behind me. It really motivated me to continue the blog posts. You'll never know who's watching and who needs you. People need positive representation of themselves. I hope to be that. I LOVE that about life's progressions.

Then whenever I'm done I have the photos sent to my Google drive. Simple. No editing, becasue I never want girls or young women to have this perfect idea of a woman that doesn't exist. (I repeat, these perfect women DO NOT exist) I may use a brightener (usually only if I've waited to late to finally shoot and the sun fall happened before I was finally ready) or add filters but my purpose is to inspire, so I always just use the raw photos. Imperfections and all.

PSA: One day I may Vlog these type days in entirety so you can see the actual fuss that is my life. hahha

Dress| f21
Shoe| missguided

With much love,



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