Adora| Shabby Apple

As fall approaches I've found myself sadly searching for fall looks. This definitely tops the search. A must have. The color scheme frightened me at first, but I am in love. The length for me is perfect it drags a little and has a little more give then you'd expect. The buttons fall just below the knee giving you versatility as to the many possible ways you could style this piece.

This gorgeous maxi dress, super versatile is by a company I love to collaborate with. Shabby apple features all styles of clothing. Ranging in straight to some plus sizes. The particular styles I always seem to chose of theirs is more of something you usually wouldn't find in my closet. As always, I am pleased with working with them. I am never afraid to venture out of the norm with them.

The adora dress could be dressed down or up for any casual and some formal occasions. I tried it on and saw a vision of trees and outdoor scenery. I wanted a more structured area. I took these photos at William Faulkner's home and front yard, as his home has a beautiful landscape of trees lined as an alley way leading to his home. The front porch and brick lining around the house was absolutely beautiful. It fit the vision perfectly.

Again, thanks to shabby apple for the amazing Adora maxi dress:

Dress| Shabby Apple
Heel| GoJane

Lots of love,



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