If Jumpsuits Could Kill

This is probably the MOST unforgiving jumpsuit I have ever worn. When shopping it's difficult to know that without trying the item on. Of course as organized and prepared as I am I tried it on and was aware of the fit (tiny white lie, of course I didn't try it on, so learn from this lesson ladies! I am indeed NOT prepared nor am organized so maybe 2 white lies, sorry! Hahah)

Anyway- I was shopping in a rush for items to pack for the cruise (I took this trip mid April) to the Bahamas. It was an amazing trip and I wore this jumpsuit for the first time on a formal occasion with my best friend. There's a belt or piece of elastic around the waist- which don't get me wrong, usually is a great thing, but in the case of a woman with a lower or mid section problem area it may be something you want to stray from. On jumpsuits there is nothing to disguise the areas you are hiding. We love waist bands to hold us in (usually best on dresses or gowns), but when sitting or standing sometimes you can't conceal problem areas with jumpsuits. After eating I was especially feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and self conscious.

This problem could've been avoided simply by finding pieces that accentuate areas you're proud of, without pointing out areas that you aren't yet satisfied with. I find this blog post essential, because I never have clothing that allows me to show what NOT to look for in materials/items.

If this jumpsuit had been peplum (to cover your mid-section) or had ruching on the sides of the fabric it would have been much more flattering and forgiving for the curvier women. I was self conscious and did not post any pictures from my vacation. I chose to wear this suit now seeing as I've proudly lost about 30 lbs and could care less what my tummy looked like, as I am immensely proud of my body regardless. If you guys want details on how I had such a successful weightloss I can definitely elaborate more.

If you are more curious on what in my opinion would suit your body type don't ever be afraid to ask, that's what I'm here for!


Jumpsuit| Tj Maxx
Heel| GoJane


Hope you all enjoyed your summer, look forward to this coming fall fashion as I am thrilled to show you what I'll be wearing. Keep an eye out dolls!!

Loving and praying for all the hearts and minds out there, especially the sweet ones who read my blog!!


With all the love possible,



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