Jealousy bites.

You should be proud of your girls. Your fellow plus size, your fellow curvy, your fellow slim and trim, and everything in between. Let's be happy for each other. When I see a girl out there doing her thing, I am always always motivated. No one else's life is to be compared to your own. Own you. Own yourself and own your goals and accomplisments. The goal is always to be the best YOU possible. Work a little harder, seek inspiration for the get up and go, but fuel it with your own fire. I'm proud of you girls out there doing YOUR thing, encourages me to focus on my own journey. That doesn't mean I am not ever envious of another gals come up, but my come up is going to be something amazing for me. I'm routing for yall out there building a future. Now go be something to stare at!  Be what they IG stalking, be the one they can't keep their eyes off of! I'll be your biggest fan! 😉

Sweats| H&M
Top| thrifted and crafted on my own
Heel| missguided




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