|Mom snapped these before church this morning. The out fit was comfy and left me feeling extremely confident. I've been buzzing through the entire day with a glow that I am so thankful to have.

Today a young women thanked me and told me that my posts gave her motivation to love herself and the push she needed to be the beautiful confident woman she was born to be. Throughout all the encouragement we passed back and forth I seriously started thinking and I cannot believe the direction my life is taking.

It is beyond my wildest dream to inspire self love. I would love to travel and do motivational speeches for women and young girls. Self esteem is huge and growing up I never had a plus size women to look up to and think she represented me. Now a days girls have plenty of options I just wanna be one of them. I'm truly aspiring to inspire

I don't know what I want do or how I will do it, but I want to base it all around self love and empowerment.|

Top: Cato
Pant: JC penny
Shoe: mom's closet


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