Stepping on Eggshells

   |This outfit cost like a total of $30.00, remember I mentioned posts prior to today that I'd begin like a stream of posts based on lower prices and places to shop for quality without outrages prices? Guess we could add this to that stream. The top ($10.99) came from Cato as well as the shorts  ($19.99). Cato is a local shop here and I've seen them in many locations in the south. It's not a place the younger crowds visit, but in my opinion is highly underrated. Now I will admit you'll have to search the racks with a keen eye, but you could most definitely achieve whatever look you're aquiring. I tell my mom all the time, not to expect to go to ANY store and find the entire outfit in one store or spot. Find what fits good and what you like from one place and piece it together with pieces you liked from other places. I think a mistake we make often is wanting to find the top, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and all in one spot and that is almost impossible. Besides who wants to limit themselves to one store? Branch out and look at the clothing as treasures from each store and match things when you get home. Anyway needless to say Cato definitely needs some checking out!!|

Hope you all are not only reading, but enjoying


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