Pralines and cream

                               Pralines and parties

So this was by far my favorite, of course the pictures do no justice. I may recreate this outfit for another post in the future so I can truly give this outfit the scenery it deserves. But for now let's focus on this perfect night out duo for the curvies out there watching. This amazing bandage mini is perfect for a night on the town. Who says minis aren't for curves?? Let's rethink that, matter of fact reevaluate the idea all together! I paired it with a peplum top with a added flair of velvety texture I immediately fell in love with. The royal blue was a perfect color and the peeks of fabric that allow you to see a little flesh. I was drawn to the combo I made here. (Can you tell?) I left the club pulling and tugging happily n that skirt all night! I felt so fabulous. I'm hoping this inspired you girls to grab the shortest bandage mini skirt you could find!

Top♡ forever21
heel♡ missguided
bandage mini♡ random boutique lol (sorry)


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