|post after post I have gotten bored and uninspired. I got a dress today while shopping with mom and put it on with intentions of wearing it for today's posts. I looked in the mirror and even I was bored of the decency. How could I have become so cookie cutter so routine. So the norm. When I began this journey of blogging and taking pictures the only thing keeping me totally interested was the style I had that stood out. I prided myself on making a statement of my specific style for each photo. You guys loved it and I enjoyed being as different as I so naturally am. So today I hopped out of that wrap dress and stood near my closet where I was hoping something more interesting would jump out at me. I looked down at the lace undies I had lying on my bed. I immediately thought of the styles of Victoria secret undies that were peeking over all the shorts I'd seen on tumblr lately. So I stood there in these shorts and lace rummaging through my drawers for the perfect fitted top to pair with it. Found this long sleeve fleece type top and I loved the flow of neutrals I had going. I feel totally comfortable and "in my zone" in this outfit. So absolutely "something I'd wear" type of style. Anyway, hope you guys like this and better yet I hope you're evening reading this!!

Well here goes:


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