Just a Mississippi girl who aspires to inspire. I am a plus size focused stylist first and foremost with intentions to give outfit ideas and write about things fashion related I am interested in. Raised in a small town with big hopes and dreams. I'd like to think I always pushed the envelope with my clothing, some trendy some expressive. I can remember as a child I'd throw on whatever made me feel literally insane and I'd run the hallways carefree. I've always been the happiest person I know. This blogging took off around 2012 and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I have learned so much about myself and have grown to know so much. I am proud of the woman I am evolving to be. I love writing and sending hope to girls out there just like me.   My style is daring and somehow the way I explain my way of thinking. I hope to produce more artistic/different outfits and push the limits for people of all sizes. I would love to continue this and be the curvy girl with no limits or fears. There is nothing we can't do. I hope you're courageous this point on and taking all limits off your closets!!!


  1. Love your confidence and advice you are giving. Keep it up! Feel like I may have done something right in my life, very proud, very proud of the woman you are becoming. :)


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