Prominence: Sunday Inspiration

Let nothing get in the way of your dreams and desires, you know that phrase you've seen a million times before? That tells you that you can be whatever you put your mind to? I believe whole heartedly that you can do whatever it is you aspire to do or be. There isn't a limit at all that can deter you from what makes your heart sing. I've been feeling so inspired lately and so very empowered. There isn't a thing I can't do. I refuse to let my appearance wether skin color, weight/size, height or anything at all for that matter discourage me or allow me to think otherwise. We were made strong to do and build and be. Whatever, whoever, where ever we desire. I hope you let not one flaw or feature or person stop you from believing that the sun doesn't shine on you just like it does everyone else. I hope all the beauty that is embedded in you can shine and breathe and be free. It's time to let all of your hearts desires be wild as it can be. Let us not ever doubt or be in disbelief of the things God has placed on our hearts. Follow your path and believe in yourself and I know all that is meant for you will be greatness!!


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