Stars Align

                    Stars Align 

•top| wetseal
•suspenders| vintage from daddy
•pant| thrift store
•shoe| hm
•blazer| jcp
•bag| justfab

    |Today I am a few days late posting this as I had computer issues the day these were taken. (February 13, 2014) the inspiration for this was merely boredom. I picked the pants first after looking at some older blog posts (find those on my Instagram @stacy__________ or on tumblr @Iam-stacy ) then I picked the crop top since the pants were so high. The suspenders were the last idea as I wanted something different added to my outfit. Hope you guys get inspiration from this and recreate it. The phone booth was an amazing idea from my photographer. I was SO afraid to go and do it, but I'm so thrilled to have done it.|


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  2. Hi hun
    Found your blog as you'd also been featured on Curvyfashionista
    I love that we have the same name, hahaha
    Curves are definitely a girls best friend!

    Take care



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