Here Kitty Kitty

"You are an experience"

A phrase I saw on tumblr a minute ago and it literally took me on a ride. The thought that every individual was so intricate, so special, so different that each person you come in contact with is a lesson or experience of such you've never seen or grown to know. We are all so different that even ones alike will show you, teach you a different side of the universe that you've never known. How special is that? To know you are that experience, you are that rollercoaster. What a wonderful person you must be? You have the power to introduce a new world to someone else. With your different opinions and reactions and your different emotions. What a spectacular human you are. Open up to someone and show them how beautiful and amazing you are. How much you can change their world. Make your mark and share your knowledge.

These photos were taken spur of the moment, I was feeling frisky so I ran for the closet. All black excited me. My initial plan was not to resemble a kitty, but it happened that way and I just went with it.

Top| Boohoo
Heel| missguided


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