Gorgeous You

"We’re constantly comparing ourselves to the people we admire, without being aware that it’s a never-ending quest."

All you can be is the proudest you possible. Change what you like, alter what you will, but at the end of the day all you can be is you. Sometimes I get discouraged. Sometimes even I am down about my appearance. There will always be someone better. Every day is a new chance to wake up with a more positive outlook on your own beauty. Take time out of your day to do what you love, and do it all by yourself. Treat yourself and pamper yourself. Figure out who it is you are and who you are meant to be. Find your destiny find your own lane and run wild in that journey. Before you know it you'll be able to fully appreciate yourself. You'll look up and there will be someone to look up to you and find your confidence amazing and inspiring. When that day comes share your knowledge. Focus all energy into you and everything comes with time.


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