It's clear to me for the time being my blog is taking a turn and in a direction I've never ventured into before. Usually my photos are more fashionable or fashion related now a days they come from a more artistic place. I've teamed up with an incredible photographer who's views through a lens has somehow opened my eyes a bit and the change in direction has been exciting for me. Photography and expression has been my outlet for years. So for now this switch up has been interesting for me. 

I've been working with Emily for a couple months and have only shared them on my social network sites. This is my opportunity to post some of the amazing work she's done. She has the ability of making me just a small part of her canvas and I am so proud to be taking on another type of photography in a lane I am unfamiliar with. She is full of ideas and so inspiring. So excited to take on this new venture!

Anyway, "these are some of my favorite things". 








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