Riri Taught Me

A lot like fire I have been really feeling dangerous.

As the cool kids say "I'm feeling myself". I recently (not so recently anymore) made a move to another side of my comfort zone. I needed a bit of time to find my cool spot and I think I'm getting closer. The new year, as promised has put me in a zone, a new level and another clean slate. This year is about me. What I need and what I want. I am after every bit of it. All of it. I have been feeling so empowered so much stronger than usual and am so excited about the new things in store. I am fire. So 2017 can bring it! Along with all that it has to offer. I'm ready. 

Hello denim jacket turned top? I first saw this look on Rihanna. She wore a light wash denim I believe it was and kind of had a relaxed look and the top of the jacket kind of hung off of her shoulders. It was adorable and spicy all at the same time. I was instantly struck by the idea of going topless under my denim jacket and leaped at the idea of wearing mine that way. So here goes? These pants have been my newest obsession I have found it so easy to pair with and even better it gives you that "I tried hard when I really didn't" vibe. As if I actually put any effort forth when picking outfits. Ha! Let's not even start on my love for these beautiful cloud colored sandals. I picked them up last week from Charlotte Russe and have found myself even sporting them around the house. No other reason than I just adore them. So comfy so perfect. I know I'm not the only one! 

Love you lots dolls!!









Denim- old navy

Pant- old navy

Sandals- Charlotte Russe 


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