Return of the Mac

Getting back to Tyler

I am in a very interesting time in life. Wedged right in the middle of the chaos of life, and finally back in the cool zone. I have been tending to all the layers in my life that were uneven. A few months back I had a few personal adjustments that took time to manage. Needless to say blogging was put on the backseat. I have been trying to better prioritize, and it's great because I am starting to put my own needs first. I have had some issues, and stumbled onto a bit of a mess, but the progress of life is forever running on whether you're ready or not. This is my steady attempt at keeping up on this ride.

Since I basically missed the entire summers worth of blogging I want to jump in and start right for pre fall. If you have been reading here in the past you'll know that summer is my favorite season. I love how little I can get away with wearing. I love pushing the envelope. And taking the limits off what plus sized girls are "allowed" to wear. Either way here we are entering into a new season, and I promise to slay. 

Okay, so is it me or does this remind you of cousin faith from Soul Food? If you are too young to know who that is, take this time to catch up with my girl Google. Super entertaining.


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