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I'm not the best dresser, I aspire to be. The magical, incredible blogger with more amazing than most style. I am so anxious to produce eye catching, satisfying outfits for plus size women. Though goals are great to have, I am driving myself crazy to please everyone watching.  I think we all have that imagine implanted in our heads of a "perfect" future that pushes us over board sometimes. Especially when there's a crowd. When you struggle to impress all the eyes there rooting for you (and unfortunately some hoping you fail). I just hope you know, I understand if you're going through it. It, as in the constant pressure to convince yourself that you're good enough. That your dreams are valid, and that you DO have a place or purpose in this world. With additional people also waiting on you, watching and depending on you.

The ideal objective is to strive for the perfect solution, and then to succeed and overcome. In reality it is much more difficult when put into action. The "Easier said then done" seniario. So how do you stay focused?

1. Keep an eye on the light at the end of the tunnel:
(Positivity and combined faith will be assuring when the going gets tough)

2. Write it all down:
(I've been writing any and every sparatic idea for years. I've heard the most successful people wrote the desires of their heart down and had better chance of achieving them)

3. Stay focused:
(In all that you do, keep your mind clear and focused on the good, all the positive movement you're doing. It's easy to become discouraged when the journey isn't as simple as planned)

There's always sunshine in the morning. Push your shoulders back, and pick your head up. You're destined for greatness. You have something to show the world. Something original and special. Get focused, and release what it is you have to show the world. Your gift, your talent.

We're waiting and we're rooting for you!

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