North West

         "When I look around, what I see doesn’t represent me. I deserve more. I’m ready to share the spotlight.

It's time to see a change. Time to see a body like mine on a billboard and in magazines. I’m sexy, spirited, and stylish with nothing to hide. Worthy of being seen just as I am.

It’s time to represent. Because my voice is one of many and I want to live in a world where we are all seen and celebrated."

         |My motive has always been to push the envelope for the plus size woman. We can wear whatever it is we desire to wear. I want to help take the limits off. My purpose for racey shots is to surpass the line. I'm constantly striving for eye openers. To color outside the lines. That literally describes my personality. I love the judgement and I strive to keep people talking and discussing what is acceptable and not acceptable for women of my size.  This is our time and we as women of any size have done an amazing job at taking charge. Strong, brave, and bold. We can too be fashion forward individuals and it doesn't matter what size you are to be beautiful.

It's time to represent all kinds of women. Everyone deserves to be celebrated. No one's ignoring us anymore. People's ideas are changing about plus sizes, now more than ever and I'm so proud to be who I am!|


I am not going to lie, I was strolling instagram today and saw a picture of North West in her camo jacket and was suddenly dying to snatch mine out the closet.

Jacket| thrifted
Bralet| boohoo
Jeans| wetseal
Heel| justfab


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