At the Piano

Dress| f21

Hoping this would be reminiscent of 50's or 60's. Almost an artistic ode to or for the elders in my family. The location and setting for these photos is none other than the home in which whom my mother grew up in. My great grandmother (whom passed away in August of 2014) was a live in altzheimers patient who raised my mother and my aunt along with my great grandfather and my sweet granny. All of which have now passed away now. The Piano has been in and apart of my families lives for far over 40 years. Just as my mother did, I was attempted to be taught to play here. I can remember banging away for hours here as my great grand mother set bowls or celery for me to snack on (lol). Hoping they are watching over me and smiling. Family is everything.

Thank you for viewing,
It was awesome to share
something so personal with you all.

Hope you're all well and happy...



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